The Aftershock

It took me four days before the shock wore off. I laid in bed, imagining the moment the doors open and I see my sisters’ and their families standing there. The tears began to flow. The real emotions came when I imagined stepping out of the car and seeing my mom standing on the curb tearing up. Standing next to my sister Petronela, and my brother Florin. It was the emotional release that I needed after this long emotional week.

It is now coming up on two weeks since I found my mother through Facebook. Years of searching, and years of questioning finally comes to an end because of Facebook. I told my father, Bruce, ” It is 2014. There has to be something out there about my family. A death certificate or something. The technology is a lot better”. After this conversation I started searching on Aug 8 2014. About a year after my last attempt. It only took me 10 days to find her. I told myself I would do anything to find out this time and I found her within a short period of time. Sounds so easy…

To meet my sisters and brother over Skype and Facebook, after all these years has been an exceptional journey. I feel so close to everyone already. I know when we are together we will be inseparable.

I am so thankful for the life I was given in Canada and this event adds to how thankful I am. I am happy that both families are merging and can accept each other. It was hard for my birth mother to learn the news that I was dead but she never gave up hope on me. They say a mother knows…. I say a baby knows too! I knew that this had to be her. I have her teeth, I have a bit of her face shape, I have her nose and brow shape. I share my hands and arms with my sisters. Along with my brown eyes, brown hair and olive skin. I share my smile with my brother Florin. There are so many similarities between us all that I never imagined possible.

I am so excited to share this journey with all of you. I am grateful for my life in Canada but I look forward to my life with both sides.

Me on the left and Maria on the right!


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