You Learn Something New Everyday

As each day goes by I learn something new about my biological family. The more I learn the more respect and admiration I have for my birth mom and family. She went through a really difficult relationship with my father, where she spent most of the time running from him. She is an incredible woman because of her strength and survival skills. She made sure the five children she had with her were always fed before herself… When she found Petronela in the hospital for the disabled she brought her back home to take care of her. She gave up everything to take care of Petronela. To this day she puts her children first, and never stopped loving each of us.

This is usually not a characteristic of a Romanian person, but my mother is different. She is a generous and kind hearted person. I am blessed that she has accepted me back into her life. For her it was without question… She has passed the strong and caring genes onto all of her children. It goes along really well with the family I was given here in Canada.

My heart sinks for her, knowing what she went through. That someone would hurt such a gentle and wise soul. I wish I could take all of this pain away from her… But I can not. What I can do is ensure she has an amazing future with me in it. I know how happy she is to have me in her life again. She deserves so much for what she went through, but she is a humble person who won’t take anything in return for her kind gestures. I feel that something bigger than our being brought us back together, because how else could of this happen? They must know how much we wished for this reunion. What are the odds that I would find her on Facebook, with a misspelled name. I feel grateful for it.

My biological father was a bad man. The man on my birth certificate is not my biological father, and I am quite ok with NOT knowing who my father is…. I have one amazing dad here in Canada and that is all I need. I have two amazing mothers and I am blessed twice.

Everyday the pieces come together… My mother visited me in the hospital in Deta a few times before her last visit. When she went back the final time to bring me home she was told I was gone –dead. Along with my other siblings…. The government is very corrupt in Romania, and I can not imagine why they would do this to any person.

There is a lot I have taken in, both good and bad. Either way it does not change my views on my biological family or the life I was given. I only see strong, kind hearted and generous people, who have worked hard to survive. They work together to keep each other alive and well, which is the perfect definition of a strong family. Everyone looks out for each other. I am blessed to call them a part of my family. In this small period of time they have taught me to appreciate everything I was given in life to the fullest. My life was very different from my siblings… Sometimes I get sad thinking about the times I couldn’t sleep at night, meanwhile, for that night they were sleeping on the street… They opened my eyes to how lucky I am to be where I am today. I am so thankful for this opportunity because I have a new outlook on life and a new appreciation.

With the questions answered and hearing the stories of strife I hope to give back to each of them one day. I am so thankful they are happy in Ireland and parts of Romania, and out of this terrible situation. With every family there are still things that pop up every now and then, but things are not as bad as they have been in the past. They are the strongest they have ever been, and with each other’s support they manage.

I hope to tell our humbling story over course the of time.

My beautiful birth mother Cocuta.


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