Random Update

I wonder what Ireland is like in October? I am looking at flights for an earlier date and playing with the idea of going sooner. The anticipation kills! It has been 25 years since my sisters have seen me, and 25 years since I was with my mother. It would be an even better birthday present for myself to see my birth mother again in November. It is finally the right time to go to Romania, and January seems too long of a wait.

Everyday I wake up overjoyed because it won’t be too much longer until I’ll get to see them. I can just feel it. I can not wait to report about the first meet, but also the sites, the food and the local music in Ireland and Romania. I hope to see as many castles as possible while in both countries and stand where historical greats have stood. I may fall in love with Europe and not make it back!

This is the perfect boost to get me to go over to Europe.

I am hoping to get my dual citizenship arranged while in Romania. My Romanian citizenship will grant me access to work all over Europe. This will help me see as many places as I want for longer periods of time because I could take on part time jobs around the continent.

I’ve learned so many new things about my biological family that I am sure I will have a lot more to blog about soon. I look forward to the loads of people I will meet on my up and coming journey. Hopefully from every country so I can be sure to visit them and have excellent adventurous stories to tell! I will be sure to keep you updated!


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