Emotions Replay Right Round…

The moment I found my birth mother replays in my mind over and over again. I could not sleep for the first 24hrs because I was in so much shock and I was overwhelmed. My body was flooding with adrenalin and I felt wired. Even throughout the first week I could barely sleep because I was just so excited. I felt like I only wanted to sleep for a couple hours because I wanted to keep talking to them. It took until the 2nd week for me to regain a healthy sleep pattern again.

The anticipation leading up to her response was a difficult journey too. I knew it had to be her. I told two of my friends I felt this had to be her and I showed them the photos. They agreed. There were obvious similarities. I saw her photo first. Holding a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Couldn’t be more fitting. Her face shape, her teeth, her lips, her brow shape, and her skin matched mine. Then I saw a photo of my younger brother Florin, and I saw my smile and brow shape. I went through a few photos noticing more and more similarities. I knew it had to be her. It was almost as though I recognized her from when I was last with her.

When I broke the news to everyone, the overwhelming amount of shock and happiness rang out. There has been the occasional person who has said something like, “you should be happy with your adoptive family and thats that.” Honestly those people are ignorant. You do not understand what it is like being adopted. I know digging up the past is not something that you can just do! It does take mental preparedness and understanding. Understanding that sometimes it doesn’t work out in your favour. I understand that in Romania most cases do not turn out like mine. These fears have held me back from going to Romania and finding answers. It took a lot of mental preparing to go through with finding my answers.

I don’t know why I am so blessed to have such a kind and wonderful birth mom and siblings who are being so welcoming. Either way I decided to go with the flow and I am overjoyed. I have a new appreciation for life and my Canadian Family. I have four new best friends and another mother to tell me to go see the doctor when I am sick. I do love all of my parents and siblings equally regardless what other people may wonder.

My plane ticket to Dublin Ireland is booked and people have been notified. The excitement now builds for October 24 2014. I leave Pearson International Airport in Toronto Ontario, early in the morning on Oct 24. I arrive in St John’s NL at around noon local time and depart for Dublin at 11:15pm. I arrive in Dublin Ireland on October 25 2014. It will be the day I am finally reunited with my sisters.

I imagine the first few moments with my sisters to be very emotional. I am imagining the bystander’s look of confusion as they see a mass pile of human beings piled on top of each other. This moment can’t come any quicker. I hope we can record the moment we all meet on video. It would be nice to share this moment with so many. Thank you all for your continued support!

I will have so many more stories to tell in just a short while from now!

Stay tuned!

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