Mothers & Daughters

I am my mothers’ daughter. From my mom Pat, I get my creative inspiration. Her job, working in a theatre, gave me the creative spark at such a young age. Dancing across the large stage as a small child and pretending like the seats were filled with people there to see me. This was my first feeling of wanting to be in theatre. I was always trying to entertain people from a small age. My mother Pat gave me so many opportunities which made the creative person I am today. Her belief in me and undying love allows me to shoot for the stars. She gave me experience in life.

The day I arrived in Canada was a very emotional and exciting time in my mother, Pat’s life. Now that I look back I know the feeling was mutual.

I find it interesting the more I learn about my birth mother, Cocuta. We are very much alike. Although we are millions of miles away, and without knowing each other, we have experienced the same heart aches in life. One major one was being separated from each other. It was hard for me feeling abandoned. Yes I have a great family in Canada but it never got rid of the feeling of abandonment. My mother lossed me… She was told I was dead, and it broke her heart.

Her and I don’t have the best taste in men. I too have experienced the on and off again relations which were really painful. It is not a fun cycle but I am happy my mother found happiness in herself and her children. I’ve lived and learned from my mistakes and it is something that can not be rushed. It will happen when its meant to happen.

Then there are things like our love to cook and garden. She makes cabbage rolls and I LOVE to eat cabbage rolls!

We both are wise in the sense that we both enjoy the sentimental things rather than large materialistic things. Having a loving family, food, and shelter are most important things to us. Money does not buy you true happiness.

I was brought up by my parents Pat and Bruce who have a good heart. I take after them in the sense I care for people without expecting things in return. This is how I know my birth mother is so grateful for my parents here in Canada. They raised me right, and how she would of liked to raise me. She is proud of me. Although she questioned if I were really dead, she was always proud of giving birth to me. I feel so grateful to have such great people looking out for me.




5 thoughts on “Mothers & Daughters”

  1. My dear Anna…I am so thankful for your blog. What a brave and strong person you are. Thank you for sharing your story. I look forward to your many adventures to come. I am excited for you to meet your birth mother. What a beautiful story. šŸ˜˜

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  2. Congratulazioni! You’ve gone so far and have been very brave. It is very hard to imagine a story like the one of your birth mother. I am romanian as well and was born during the comunist area. I really have issues believing this story. So many of her kids have been is that possible? It just seems very very fishy.
    I don’t want to upset you with my comments but this doesn’t seem right.
    Congrats again and best of luck! Enjoy your stay in Romania.


    1. My story is very true. It happens all over the world as I have come to find out. The hospital staff told my mother I was dead. It has been proven that all of us babies were sold for profit during this time which is part of the reason why international adoption was shut down in 2001. We were a profit. The same thing happened to babies in the USA and Canada in 1960’s and continue to happen in China today. They do no research where the babies end up. Some are in abusive homes and people like myself end up in a great home. My mother still has my birth certificate and did not sign papers to give me away. She did not abandon me, the hospital told her I was dead. I understand it may be hard for you to believe that Romania would of done this but it is the truth. Many of us have the same story.


    2. Also on another note, my mom remained in the same house when I was adopted. The police said they couldn’t find her but the truth is she was still in the same spot as where I was born. She is still alive and still has my birth certificate. It should be enough evidence. I appreciate your kind words. The truth is shocking I agree!


  3. It is very upsetting indeed and confusing. I can’t imagine how much your birth mom suffered and how hard everything must have been for her.
    I am glad you were strong enough to reach out to your birth family and that you had a wonderful family who took good care of you and loved you all these years. You are very lucky!
    I do hope you will find the way to have them all close and part of your life.
    By the way, being a romanian woman it’s f amazing!
    Are you still in Romania? How do you like it?


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