Time Change

Funny how things can change within a blink of an eye. I moved to Toronto, Ontario about three and a half months ago looking to get established and just enjoy being in a bigger city. Also hoping to get a couple film projects going. I was going to live in a cute apartment near Christie Pits Park and hang out in Kensington Market all day long and write. I am content with Toronto but now life is taking me in a whole new exciting direction. I never imagined three months ago I would find my birth mother and learn about all my siblings. It has been a humbling experience to be in the middle of all of this love and attention.

I have officially booked my tickets to Dublin and then my trip to and from Romania. During my time in Romania I hope to get my dual citizenship handed back to me so I can stay in Ireland for a longer period of time. Wishful thinking, but you never know! It would be nice to be able to travel Europe and work all over the continent. I can only imagine the stories I would share.

I leave Toronto, Ontario on October 24, 2014 and arrive in Dublin, Ireland on October 25, 2014. It is a Saturday so I hope to see all three of my sisters. I am unaware of the sites to see in Dublin, Ireland so I am going in blind. Luckily I have a bunch of tour guides to tell me where to go. I stay in Ireland for about three weeks prior to flying to Budapest, Hungary on November 11, 2014. I arrive at 11:30PM so I am taking a hostel for the night. The next morning I will go back to the airport and head off to Arad, Romania by car. It is about a 3 hour journey, but I look forward to seeing the country side. I arrive in Arad, Romania on November 12, 2014, where I will be reunited with my birth mother and meet my older sister and my younger brother.

I plan to stay in Romania until December 28, 2014 and fly out of Budapest, Hungary on December 29, 2014. I have not decided if I want to spend a whole day in Budapest, Hungary so I can see some sites. If this is the case I might leave Arad, Romania on December 26, 2014. While in Romania I also hope to see a few castles. I wish I could see the entire country but I can not afford to. I have enough money to do a little castle tour to a couple different places. The trip I wish I could do would be from Arad to Hunedoara (Corvin Castle) to Cluj Napoca (Banffy Castle) to Sighisoara (Dracula’s town), Brasov (Dracula’s Castle & Peles Castle just south), Bucharest (Capital City), Constanta (City by the sea), Istria (Only Greek Ruin outside of Greece), Sibiu (Old Medevil Town) then back to Arad. Instead I might be able to afford to do a day trip to Hunedoara (Corvin Castle) to Sibiu (Midevil Town), Brasov (Bran Castle and Peles Castle), Sighisoara (Dracula’s Town), Cluj Napoca (Banffy Castle) and back to Arad. Trains are super cheap but hostels are $15 – $60 a night which is not so cheap. Food, Drink and amenities are cheap but its the hostels that get you. I will feel it out when I get there. I may want to not leave. I know I will go see Timisoara, Jamu Mare and Deta because those are the places where I was born and in the hospital. I want to see these places for sure. Hopefully I can talk my little brother into coming on a little trip with me! ( 😉 Wink!  😉 Wink! Florin!)

I decided this time of year would be perfect to go to Romania for the following reasons. My birthday is November 16, and it is St. Andrews Day on November 30th. I am named after St. Andrew. Then on December 15 it will be 25 years since I have been with my mother. I also wanted to experience a Romanian Christmas. I look forward to the different traditions but I will miss my family back home very much. It will be the first Christmas not being in Saskatchewan and I am also missing my niece Addison’s 1st Birthday which is also November 16. It is hard to leave but it is a trip that I really look forward to.

I thank everyone for their continuous support and I will be sure to keep you posted!


2 thoughts on “Time Change”

  1. My grandparents are also born and raised in villages around Arad. We took our adopted daughter there 2 years ago to meet her birth family near Bucharest, but we also visited Arad and I saw the villages where my my grandparents were born, raised, married and worked. I also saw the grave sites for my great grandparents. We are from Manitoba and we adopted two kids from Romania. I look forward to following your journey.


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