A Child’s Imagination

It is getting closer to the moment I get to see for the first time in person my biological sisters’. With each passing moment it becomes a clearer reality that this happening. I will be with my own blood for the first time in 25 years… I close my eyes and imagine the first moment, walking through the doors and seeing them all together. The first thing I can think of to say is, “holy shit!” Pardon my French.

For so long I imagined what it would be like to meet someone who looks like me. I used to make up stories in my head. I used to imagine I have a twin sister who was adopted into a Polish family. Like Lindsay Lohan, in Disney’s Parent Trap. Instead, we meet up in Rome on a school trip.We met in front of the Trevi Fountain by backing into each other. I imagined that we tried to trade places. I did not speak Polish and she did not speak English but we mimed our way through it. Then I ended up in Poland and she ended up in Canada which ruined the plan. Then it would all unravel from there.

I still wake up and pinch myself because it feels too good to be true. I get to wake up everyday and talk to my mom & sisters which feels pretty surreal. I am really excited to know about my culture, family traditions and to see who I look like. I hung onto the curiosity of knowing who I looked like most. People who did not know I was adopted would say I look like my adoptive Dad or my sister Tracy. It is neat to see the same hands, the same arms, the same knees, the same hair texture, the same skin, on so many different people.

Lately, I catch myself asking, “Why me?” “Why am I so blessed to have this experience?” I feel so humbled to of been given such an amazing Canadian family backing me up on this journey. It is hard to take in. They have always been so supportive for me in anything that I have done in life. Anything I wanted to try as a child my mother and father made it happen. I have a loving family who have looked out for me in all aspects of my life, even still to this day. I thank each and every one of them. My Western Family in Alberta and Saskatchewan, and my Eastern Family in Ontario. Now I have my loving Romanian Family. I can not express the emotions that I feel right now other than to say I feel lucky. Money cannot buy this happiness, and no amount of money could make me feel the way I do right now. I am so grateful for life.

I see a purpose in my life, and it is to shed some light on adoption. There are bad stories and there are good stories. I would be a happy adoption story. They do exist and if you want to follow a happy adoption story it would be this one. I will reveal honest emotions from time to time but the reality is I am really happy and so is my family around me.

My favourite quote to live by is “Life is a battle to be enjoyed” — Unknown. There are so many battles involved in life but in the end we all get through it. We are all warriors and it only makes us stronger. Plus in the end the scars makes for a good story. Life is meant for living and taking advantage of the world we are given. It is a small world, so explore it.

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