One month from today I will begin my journey over to Europe. I do not know what the future holds, but if I have any control over it, I know where I want it to end up. I would like the opportunity to see all areas of Europe and to share my happy story. I just so happened to catch a piece of The Steve Harvey Show yesterday and he said, ” We all need jobs so we can afford to live but we are also given missions in life. Understanding your mission and reasoning for life is what we should hold onto.” I completely agree.

I understand we are given missions but my mission was unclear until now. Some people don’t understand what I mean by mission in life. It is not a religious term, but rather a life fulfilling task. It helps us reach a point where we are ready to give up our reality of living and move onto the other side. Our purpose if being here on earth is to put something back into the world. I know it sounds crazy but it is true and once you realize it life seems so much better and happier.

I took for granted this piece of information for many years until reaching the point of enlightenment when I travelled to Thailand in October 2013. People are very open to this knowledge and understand that we are given missions and it is our job to find out what it is. Those who are rich are not born to drive porches, rather to show those who are poor how to follow in their footsteps. There are people who are born to give others life. These are our mothers, fathers and other caregivers. There are people like myself who are there to share happy stories and shed light on some difficult situations.

I look forward for a month from today where I get to spend time with my sisters in Ireland. Talk about my experiences and bring joy to readers all over the globe. From there I will revisit the place I was born and reunite with the woman who gave me life.

It is still pretty surreal that my life has unravelled into what it is currently, and there is more to come. I knew I needed to help myself because there is so much more ahead. Never could I of imagined finding my identity after 25years. Also without expensive therapy costs! Ha!

Hopefuly I will get a chance to see more of Romania when I head there. I am going with not a lot of money in my pocket but just enough to reunite with my birth family. I will be sure to post photos from all of my travels. Who knows I could be in your neck of the woods!

Thanks for the continued support!

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