Short and Sweet

Some people have asked me if I feel any sort of anger regarding my situation. There is only the frustration towards the Romanian Government. It frustrates me that I was taken without permission, but I would not trade my Canadian Family in for anything. I am so lucky to be apart of their lives. I am grateful for everything they have given me and continue to give me. I love them very deeply and I couldnt imagine a life without them. They are my mom, dad, sister, aunts, uncles and cousins from the very start for me. I am also lucky to get to know and to experience a future with the people who are of my blood and my kind.

In all honesty I feel like someone was looking out for me. They did not want me to go through what my mother and siblings went through. They wanted life to be manageable for my mother, and for me to be happy and healthy. I was given such a great life in Canada that I would not take back what happened.

I was given this opportunity to shed light on adoption. Be a mentor for those who have the same feelings about being adopted. There are also people who are not comfortable talking to their adoptive families about their feelings towards being adopted. I understand these worries. I was lucky enough to of been given a family that I can talk to about my adoption. They have always been very open to me and have sat through numerous question and answer periods.

I hope to inspire other people like myself to never stop giving up on finding the truth if you are determined to find it. It may not turn out to be what you wanted in the end but it’s closure. I know many want to know how I did it but I have to admit the stars had to be aligned. It was meant to be and I have no choice but to believe it. It was truly a miracle.

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