Happy Thanksgiving Canada!

Countdown is on! Two weeks from today I will be with my sisters in Ireland. Probably fighting over who get’s to stand next to me in the family photo, or who get’s to cuddle with me the first night!

For those who are unfamiliar with the Thanksgiving tradition it is a holiday celebrated in October by Canadians to give thanks to the Native Americans for showing us how to survive on their land in these harsh climates. The Americans celebrate Thanksgiving in late November.

One thing my family enjoys doing is getting together and having a large turkey dinner with mash potatoes, gravy and pumpkin pie. Then we go around the table and name at least one thing we are thankful for. For example one could be, “I am thankful for a great family.”

This year I am thankful for many things including finding my answers about my past. I am thankful for a strong and supportive family in Canada. I am thankful for two loving families and to know that my Romanian family never stopped loving me. I am doubly blessed. I am thankful for the path that was chosen for me and continues to unravel.

Since I can remember, every year around the end of October to the beginning of January I sink into a severe depression. November is the month of my birthday and the month I was adopted in. Then December is the last time I was with my birth mom, so during this time I became very depressed. It’s a harsh reminder of being left behind and forgotten. The reality is, it turned out to be that my Romanian family never did forget about me. Finally, this year I look forward to my birthday, and I will celebrate my birth instead of resent it.

Yes, I resented being born because I never understood my purpose on earth. Now that I have my answers things are different and I understand my purpose more so than ever before. I have noticed a huge change in myself since August 2014. It is a short amount of time to tell, but things are so much better. I don’t have the excuse that I was abandoned because this was not the case. It is weird to say that after 25 years of feeling alone and abandoned the feelings are gone. I am thankful for my answers because now I can focus on the next part of my life which is another battle in its own. Finding love. I thought I had it, but maybe I was wrong. Only time can tell…

I cannot wait until my next post which will be closer to the day I leave. Flight takes off on October 24 2014, and I arrive in Dublin Ireland on October 25 2014.

All the best readers!


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