What’s Life Without A Few Good Friends?

It is one week away from one of the most important moments of my life. This memory will be documented ever so carefully and stored in my mind for safe keeping. It will bring joy to me for an eternity. It’s hard to believe that this is my reality. After such a short period of time I feel like I already know them all. I can’t wait to get to Ireland and discover more, and learn some more of the Romanian Language before I head off to Romania.

I am so excited to share this moment with everyone. I have been in contact with a couple people who came from the same hospital as me, back in Romania. A friend of mine, Gheorghe Davidson has an excellent interview with Sheila Coles. It was presented on Wednesday, October 15, 2014 on her show, and can be found on the CBC website. He discussed what it was like in the orphanage hospital in Deta, Romania, and some of the struggles growing up.

Prior to reconnecting with Gheorghe in 2007, the last time I saw him in person, I was probably about 3 years old. Our families used to attend the Romanian Reunion’, held annually in Regina, SK. This allowed all of the people adopted from Romania to reconnect or meet new adoptees. Our moms’ also kept in contact by writing letters back and forth. Every year our mothers would exchange school photos. The last photo I ever got of Gheorghe was when he was in grade seven. I kept that picture in my wallet up until my early university days.

Fast forward to 2007. We were standing in line to get our university student I.D. cards. Funny enough, he was standing in front of me speaking to a gentleman from Serbia. I felt I had a connection with this person standing in front of me and I felt like I may have had a picture of this person from when they were younger. Gheorghe is a fierce and adorable little gypsy man, who loves his crazy bow ties! Keep in mind the last photo I saw of him was in grade seven and he was a late teen at this point. I pulled out my wallet and dorkishly compared the people.

I remember the reunion like it was yesterday. I tapped him on the shoulder and asked him, “Are you Gheorghe?” He proudly answered, “Why, yes I am. Who are you?” I replied with a grin on my face, “I’m Andreea, I came from Romania with you.” He must of misheard me because his response was, “Oh, yeah, me too! When did you come over?” I spoke again clearly, “No, I came from Romania with you. With Luke, John and You.” At this point we had a small audience of people in the very long line. With a bit of shock on his face, he excitedly yelled, “You’re the girl in the bathtub with me, in the picture!” I laughed and yelled back for comedic effect, “Yeah!” People around giggled and a few girls, “Awed.” It was definitely a great reunion. From that point, we signed up for Arabic 101 together and spent the entire semester studying together. With his help, I barely passed and he excelled. From that point I stuck to my theatre classes and he went into a Language Major! He is a great person and I am very happy that I get to share this moment with him.

Then there is Luke N. Luke also came from Romania. Gheorghe and I came from the same hospital and we came back on the same flight to Regina, SK. However, Luke, I think, came from a different orphanage, and he definitely came back a few days before us, with John.

I grew up seeing Luke at least once a year or more.  I really had a lot of fun with Luke but he was picked on a lot by other kids. He is such a loving and caring person that it always hurt to see him bullied. Some of us, overly give and love because we are trying to fill a piece of ourselves. I can relate to this. It sounds like there is nothing wrong with an overly loving person but for some reason it is for a lot of people. I was bullied as a kid for the same reasons Luke was bullied. I only acted out in bad ways because I was being picked on. I was always a really sweet girl, who always wanted to do nice things for people. I tried too hard to be friends with people, and I know he and a few others can relate. This is why we remained friends up until our adult years. Things began to change in our adult years. I was going to University, travelling and getting out of my shell and he was on his own path. I never saw Luke during these years. There would be a few times where we would re-connect, but we kept losing contact. I remember so many great times with Luke growing up. One, would be his little crush on my best friend Leiah. Playing house, and they would be my parents. Luke was always a great friend to me and I wish him all the best.

Some people ask, where are the Romanian Adoptees now? Most of us are alive and well. We are a strong bunch and as my favourite quote goes, “Life is a battle to be enjoyed.”—Unknown.

Gheorghe, his mom Trish (Adopted), and I. We are in the hospital in Deta.


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