Another Sibling Discovered!

Only a few more days until I get to experience life as a Romanian. Well as a Romanian living in Ireland! My sisters are planning to go to a function on November 1 2014 in Dublin that is dedicated to the Romanian tradition. I really look forward to this because it will be the first taste of Romanian culture for me!

I am even more excited to announce that my older brother, Ionut, contacted my birth mother, Cocuta over Facebook  two days ago. He was given up for adoption at a young age. He is alive and well. Currently, Ionut is 32, married and has two children. His daughter, Andreea is 12 years old, and his son, Liviu (lee-view) is 6 years old. He speaks English pretty well so it has been wonderful talking with him and catching up. I will visit my mother for most of my trip in Arad Romania, but I now have a mission to get to Iaşi, Romania to meet my older brother and his family.

To add to the excitement I am now in contact with my biological father’s sister, my Aunt Dorina who lives in Turin Italy! In one day I got an older brother/another best friend, and my aunty in my life. With all due respect, I hope to learn more about my father from a distance. I am sure the Chingâlatâ (king-a-lata) side of the family is wonderful, and I do hope to meet them, except my father. I pray they understand my reasoning behind fearing our birth father. I do not trust this man but as per my aunt’s words she said, “She should not be blamed for my father’s mistakes.” Which I fully agree upon!!

Let me back up, did I mention, I found out my biological last name is NOT Buzatu… In fact, our father’s last name is Chingâlatâ. I am his youngest daughter with Cocuta. I was the only one of us children born in the western part of the country. Everyone else, including my mother and father, is born in Iaşi, Romania, which is near the Moldovan and Ukraine borders.

It is perfect timing considering I am going to meet my three sisters in Ireland this Saturday, October 25, 2014. Then our mother and other siblings on November 12, 2014. Ion and I both felt a cosmic urge to find our mother in the year 2014… There is still time for Teodora to join.

Aunt Dorina on the left and my brother Ionut on the right! ❤


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