The Story of My Birth

It’s fascinating to me to hear about the day I was born. At the time my mother worked on a farm in Jamu Mare, Romania near the Serbian border. She lived in a small farm house with my sisters Miha, age 9yrs at the time; Maria, age 8yrs at the time; Elena, age 6yrs at the time; Petronela, age 4yrs at the time and Nikole, age 1.5yrs at the time.

Miha is the oldest and told me the story. She said she was terrified because she had never witnessed a birth. Our mother was in a lot of pain and they did not understand. She said I came very quickly, and not enough time for the ambulance to make it in time. She gave my mother a laundry basket. My mother crouched over and gave birth to me in a clothing basket in their tiny farm house. My mother cut the umbilical cord and the ambulance arrived. They took my mother and I off to the hospital in Deta, Romania.

Two days later my mother returned to the farm house with me. My excited siblings asked what she named the baby and my mother said, “Andreea”. They thought it was the perfect name for their baby sister. I was two weeks old and I was back in the hospital because of Pneumonia. My mother went back to visit on December 15, 1989 and I was gone. Without her knowledge, I was brought to another hospital in Romania. They did not tell my mother I was moved but instead they told her I was dead. They told her there was no body to view because they put me in the incinerator to be cremated. She was devastated.

During this time my mother had also brought my sister Petronela to the same hospital because she was also sick. She was told that she could not take Petronela home because she had to be institutionalize because of her mental disability. She was moved to another hospital without my mother’s knowledge.

I would never see my mother again…. Until November 11 2014… 25 years later I will be in her arms again.

It is a sad story but I am thankful for my terrific upbringing in Canada. My birth mother is so proud of me and so many people supporting me in my decision to meet her. Two weeks from today I will be in her arms. I am having a lovely time in Ireland with my wonderful sisters and all my nieces and nephews. Life couldn’t get more perfect than this at the moment!

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