16 Years Later

My mother had two children during her marriage to Vasile Buzatu. The oldest, one girl, Ioana and one boy, Mihai. These are my oldest half siblings. They lived with their father until they were old enough to speak for themselves.

I was mistaken when I had said that my sister was very young and was taken to the convent at age 4. She was a bit older, around age 14 and went on her own. I was also mistaken the age of my brother when he passed away. I thought he was around age 3. I apologize for the incorrect information. I am learning so much about my family’s past that it is easy to get confused.

According to my sisters’ it was August 1998. A beautiful summers’ day when my mother received a call from the “Guard” known as the Police. They had said my oldest brother had drowned in the lake near the family he was working for’s home. He was roughly 22 years or perhaps older than that. It was a tragic accident.

Before this time he had been in contact with our mother and had spent many years with her and my siblings in Arad.

Unfortunately my mother could not afford to burry him so we are unsure of what happened to him after. His father claimed he did not have a son so he did not have to deal with burial costs.

It is not fair, but there is not much you can do in a country like Romania. They don’t care about each other, especially the poor. I was hoping there would be a grave I could visit but it doesn’t seem that there is. It is hard to believe I have already lost a sibling. I would of been turning 8 years old that November. He was too young, so I am just beginning my mourning process after 16 years.

This is another reason why it is important that we have a reunion of all of us children before it is too late. Life is too short.

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