24th Anniversary!

Today marks the 24th anniversary of my arrival to Canada. I was joined by my best friend Gheorghe Davidson. I call it my born again day, because I got a fresh new start. I was also given the middle name Dawn for the dawning of a new beginning. First on the stop was Frankfurt Germany then to Toronto Ontario where I met my dads parents, his sister and my cousins. We were also met by my mom’s sister and her husband at the time. After Toronto it was time for home. I arrived six days before my first birthday at 13lbs, and very fragile.

Based off of the photos I have and the video my grandfather (god rest his soul) took, it was one of the happiest moments in my families’ lives. The tears and the happiness that flowed through Regina International Airport that day was overwhelming. I was home.

Tomorrow I begin my journey back to Romania to meet my birth mother. I am officially in her arms on Wednesday due to late flight times. My journey so far has been so overwhelming in a good way. My sisters’ are so amazing each in their own ways. I admire their strong bond and I am so lucky to be their baby sister.

I skyped with my birth mom and brother yesterday and my mom was already in tears due to excitement. I too get emotional thinking about being in those warm and embracing arms once again.

2014 is truly a memorable year for me. You can not buy this happiness anywhere. I am so blessed.

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