Bags Are Packed For Romania!

I have waited for this day for 25 years of my young life. I was taken from my mother the day I was born, on November 16 1989. She was told I was dead and they had placed my body in the incinerator to be cremated. I escaped the flames only to return one day and share her story and inspire millions around the world.

Thank you to everyone who made this journey possible. Both on earth and up above. I feel so honoured to share my story with everyone and continue to brighten people’s day. Many times I have had the opportunity to explain to strangers passing by my reason for being here in Ireland. I have brought many grown adults both men and women to tears with my inspirational story.

I feel so honoured to of been chosen to live this life. The strength I have is from both my mother in Romania and my parents in Canada who raised me right. God gives us purposes to live and I have definitely found mine. Thank you, and I cannot wait to share more!

Popochichio and I are ready to go!


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