Day to Day Life in Romania!

First few days in Romania with my mom have been like living a dream. No I do not mean a luxurious life, I mean it has been amazing being in her arms again. This is something that money cannot buy.

There have been little tears of sadness because we choose to leave those bad memories in the past. I am here now and that is what matters. So far the days consist of waking up in the morning and taking the goats to the field so they can roam and eat. Then i follow her as she feeds the pigs and we try to communicate in Romanian. If we don’t understand each other out come the cellphones and we write each other over Facebook messenger so I can translate it. Yes, we use Facebook for everything! After we do the morning chores it is time to eat and play on Facebook for the day. Just before sun down we go fetch the goats and feed the pigs again. Then it is back to Facebook!

I enjoy being with her because she is teaching me so many things. How to speak perfect Romanian, and how to live with little resources. It really makes me appreciate the things I was given back in Canada. I also really enjoy the amount of laughs we have exchanged! I keep her smiling and laughing because I know it is something she needs. Too many years of pain and sadness, that it is really good to hear her beautiful and cheery laugh.

I apologize for the limited amount of photos. I respect my mother’s request not to show the poor aspects of her life. I do not care what surrounds us, I am just happy to be in my mom’s arms. She has asked me not to show the things that do surround us because she is afraid of being judged. It is poor here so you can imagine. I love her and i do not want to disrespect her.

I chose to share this photo because it makes me smile and it shows how adorable my mother is. This photo is from today. We were out fetching the goats to bring them back into the shed. Her nose was in her phone looking at Facebook as we walked the goats back to the house. She would take two steps, then stop and stare at her phone. She loves her Facebook! I am pretty thankful for Facebook too!

Some photos of Hunedoara-Timisana



Fun trip to Arad city! 15minutes away.





Mom’s really tastey food!



Soyka! Helps with any stomach problems. No lie it cured my flu and cold within a day!! I was shocked! Super strong alcohol!


Mom’s homemade plum brandy. Strong and good!


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