Another Wonderful Day!

I started off my day by drinking my morning Tuica to help build my immune system. Not going to lie, the alcohol is so strong it makes me woozy for the first little bit of the day, but then it wears off within 3hours. No, it does not create a drinking problem, it does help with my stomach. Being a bit drunk just so happens to be a side effect! It works like a charm!

Then we move onto eating a fantastic breakfast. Sometimes cabbage rolls or sometimes a potato, carrot and chicken stew. Today on the menu was potato, carrot and chicken stew and in the other bowl, some sour cabbage. Pofta buna! Meaning bon appetite

Then my mom and I skyped with my friend Gheorghe back in Regina, SK. I was so happy to see my good friend Gheorghe over Skype. He got to see my mom and speak to her which was very special for me. Gheorghe was from the same Hospital as me, and we were side by side in the cribs. We were lucky enough to be adopted to the same place in Canada, and we have remained in contact. I am so happy to share this moment with him.

After speaking with my good buddy, my mom and I sat down and she showed me my birth certificate. We discussed how we might be able to get my citizenship back, and how unfortunate it was for her to lose me. I was fortunate to have a great life in Canada, but she was still out there hurting without me. She asked the difficult questions as to how the Romanian Government allowed me to be adopted. We put my real birth certificate next to the one Romania gave my adoptive parents, and we noticed the major differences. For instance the real birth certificate has a serial number and the other one doesn’t. It scares me to know that I was illegally given away. My mom did not sign papers, nor did they have my original birth certificate to give me away. It bothers me that my poor parents in Canada have been tangled in this mess. I love them so much and I am thankful for everything they have given me. My mom in Romania said she will help prove that I am her daughter so I get my citizenship reinstated. This will allow me to stay in Europe.

Tomorrow is my 25th birthday. In the past, my birthday has been a very painful time for me. It was a painful reminder that “I had been abandoned by my birth parents”. I put this in quotations because it is no longer true, I was stolen from my mom by the Romanian Government. This year will be the best birthday because I got my only life wish. My wish was to meet my birth family. My mom has made me a chocolate cake with candles in the shape of the number 25! We are going to have a BBQ, with drinks and music! Florin’s friends are coming over and we are going to party like true Romanians! Hard!

I am so happy to be here in Romania regardless of the surroundings. To me it is home.

La multi ani to me! (Happy birthday in Romanian).

Photos of mom and I.



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