25th Birthday

Today is the day my beautiful mother gave me life. Today is the day I shared every year with my beautiful mother and father in Canada. Today is the first Birthday I feel proud of sharing. I know the truth and the word abandonment no longer haunts me. I can now celebrate in peace.

Started off with a nice shower at my sister’s house. Applied a little blush for birthday photos. Then over to momma’s for my morning tuica and breakfast. For breakfast today I had mashed potatoes, carrots and some chicken bites. Potfa buna! Bon appetite! My mother’s cooking is fantastic! She showed me the cake she made and it looks beautiful!

The rest of the day consisted of talking about how we are going to get my citizenship back and roaming Facebook! Life is simple here. Not a lot happens in the small villages. Today is the presidential elections for Romania and if I had the choice I would of voted not for Ponta. Ponta was apart of Ceausescu’s regime and I have a feeling he would re-open adoption so he can do this same thing over again. The government made a lot of money off of selling the Romanian children after Ceausescu died… What makes it different this time?

In the evening we drank and partied. Had a lovely BBQ with Florin, mom, Petronela, and Florin’s friends.

It has been a wonderful Birthday and I thank everyone for making it so special for me and my mom.


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