Short Story of Teodora Buzatu

I say short because Teodora was not with my mother for more than a few minutes of her life. Teodora is one of my sisters.

She was born on October 23, 1986 in Caraş-Severin, Moldova-Nouă, Romania. She was born premature and very small when she was born. The doctors did not give her back to our mother. She could of survived and was adopted out, or she could of passed away because she was very premature. She was not at the same hospital as me like I previously thought, and she was taken before I was born. My sister Petronela was at the hospital at the same time as me because of her mental illness. The doctors told my mother they could not give Petronela back to her because they needed to institutionalize Petronela. My mother lost contact with her daughter Petronela because they moved her to another city and hospital without providing the information of her whereabouts. Petronela was reunited with my mom 11 years ago when my mom suddenly got a letter in the mail asking her to make an ID for Petronela.

As for me, my mom was told I was dead. She started to second guess what she was told about me the minute they found Petronela. I hope to find our sister Teodora one day. I feel she is alive just as strongly as I did with my mom Cocuta. It is 2014 and there has to be evidence out there saying that she died. We just want to know that she is healthy and well.

She would of turned 28 years old last month. She could of had her name changed like so many other adopted children. She is the last piece missing from our giant family and we would love to have her back in it. There is so much love to give and she would be welcomed with open arms just like I was and my brother Ion was.

Here’s to hoping we find our last missing sibling.

Mom and I


My younger brother Florin and I!


My sister’s and I


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