Traditions of Romania!

The food in Romania in fantastic! My mom makes such wonderful food with very little additives. Everything is made up of all natural products like straight potatoes and carrots with no salt needed. She uses vegetable oil and some vegetable flavouring and it makes it superb. I love when she makes me potatoes with carrots. She makes them perfect! I have the Romanian taste pallet so the food is perfect!

I find it funny that as a child I would prefer having cans of ravioli pasta or puritan stew over a bowl of cereal. Here in Romania I have potatoes and carrots or stew for breakfast!

It makes me laugh when my mom gives me my plate of food. She goes out of her way to make it look pretty because she knows I have been sharing photos. She will give the plate to me and say, “now you can take a picture”. She is so happy to share her food creations.

Here are some photos of her tasty creations!







The music in Romania is a mix of Spanish and Middle Eastern flavour. It explains my odd phase of interest in the Middle East. The music just spoke to me! I have that natural free spirit that loves to just dance like no one is watching. I love to spin around, roll my shoulders, flick my wrist and swirl my arms like a free gipsy girl! I am true Romanian. Here is a great example of a few Romanian songs. See if you get the same vibe!

This is an example of todays age music.

This is an example of traditional Romanian music.


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