Always a Silver Lining to Every Story

I received good news and bad news today from the lawyer about my Romanian Citizenship. It is possible for me to get my Romanian Citizenship back, but it will not be in the next two months. This means I will not be able to stay in Ireland and work come January, and I will have to return to Canada for a few months so I can “get my ducks in a row”. I will return to Canada in January to live with my Mom in Saskatchewan so I can work and save money. Then I will come back and do more to help my mom in Romania. She does not have very much help here in Romania.

The new plan is to return to Canada and work until my Romanian citizenship goes through. It is my only option at this point. I guess regaining my Romanian status is harder than I thought it would be. The process is very slow in this country. This gives me an opportunity to go back to Saskatchewan to spend time with my family in Canada. I can work to pay off my bank loan and save money for a better future for my mother here in Romania. It does put me to tears thinking about leaving her in the state she is currently in, but so far the generous donations have made it possible for her to make it through the winter.

My goal is to move her into a house in Şagu, which is in the next town over from Hunedoara-Timişana. There, she will have shops, transport to and from Arad, and a fully functional house. I will probably stay with her for a while to continue to help. I have already seen an improvement in her life since I have been here. Thank you to those who continue to show support and have donated to my campaign to give her a better life. A new house is around €50,000.00 – €70,000.00 brand new, this is $72,000.00 Canadian Dollars to $100,000.00 Canadian Dollars. It is easier said than done but with enough hard work and with enough generous people in the world we can make this happen for her.

I choose to give back to my mom in Romania after I heard the story of how my father tried to kill me and caused an enormous amount of harm to my mother. My evil biological father tried to kill me while I was in her stomach by beating her, throwing her to the ground, kicking and punching my mother. He did this to many of us children, but with my mother’s strength and perseverance we all survived. I want to give her my support because she does not have the financial resources here in Romania like we do in Canada and other places in the world. Things like money from the government. It is very much “fend for yourself” in this country. It is so nice to see so many people coming forward to say how inspired they are by mom’s story.

As I say, I was taken so I could get a good education and come back and change her life. With the help of all you readers I am able to do so. Thank you once again on behalf of my family for your generosity towards our mother. She deserves this after the struggles she has faced. I have never heard a story like this and it is my own mother’s. I do not mean to be biased about my mother’s story. There are so many people in this world who struggle every day. I just am speaking from what I know and see.

I have watched my mom throw pig poop over a fence at least two meters high, only standing at 5 Feet herself. I have witnessed her strength in chopping wood to make a fire to keep her house warm. Every morning she takes her goats to the field to eat and then proceeds to feed the pigs, regardless of being sick or not. She is a strong woman who inspires me to work hard and not to take things for granted, like a hot shower, a working toilet, laundry machine, central heating and food on my table. I hope to return to Canada with the inspiration from her and work hard to return to her later in the year. I would like to see her have an easier future as you would your own mother. She has many health problems caused from the hard life she has faced, not eating, worrying, sleeping on the streets in the cold winter and the beatings she faced from our father.

Again I appreciate the kindness people have shown towards my mother. Most of you are mothers yourself and you cannot imagine having to go through what my mother did with six out of 11 children to keep sheltered and fed. It was not easy for her and she continues to struggle. She is not exactly in the same spot as she was fifteen years ago, but it is still not an ideal lifestyle. As I said in previous posts, it only takes $2.00 or €1.00 to help make a difference. You can post anonymously, and without the use of a credit card. Today I was able to buy her a fridge full of groceries and enough wood to last her the winter because of the kind donations that have been given. You are amazing people who keep on giving. I am so happy to share this story with you and I will continue to do so.

Once we returned from Arad, and our meeting with the lawyer, I watched my mother make cabbage rolls. Here are a few photos from today!

Mom Making Cabbage Rolls4Mom Making Cabbage Rolls2Mom Making Cabbage Rolls1  Mom Making Cabbage Rolls3

One thought on “Always a Silver Lining to Every Story”

  1. Hi Andreea, I am a Romanian adoptee too, and reading about your story, it is so very similar to mine, only my adoptive mom is not supportive of my desire to reconnect with my family. I am hoping to go to Romania in a few weeks, do you think you could please add me on facebook? I tried finding you but no luck. I would really like to speak with you, as soon as possible if this is do-able. From one adoptee to another, i just really need someone to speak to and your situation is so like mine. Can email me if that’s easier for you though. Hope to hear from you. I’m sorry if this is weird but i really need someone to talk to who will understand. Thanks, Lindsey (my name is Andreea too, but changed when i was adopted :p)


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