Small Town Life in Canada vs Romania!

Life during the daytime hours has been pretty low key. Chores in the morning, which consist of feeding the animals and preparing breakfast. Afternoon is full of tv watching, napping, internet roaming and conversing with the neighbours or family members around. Not much to do in a small town, especially in the colder months. Having no mode of transportation limits you as to what you can do and where you can go. When it is warmer outside there is a lot more you can do. Things like gardening and doing repairs and renovations on the house or in the yard.

Small town night life in Hunedoara-Timisana is also pretty low key. As I experienced when living in the small town of Qu’Appelle, most people stay home and watch TV, or they meet for coffee at the local shop. Just like in the small town of Qu’Appelle or many other small towns out there, you have the regular group of people who meet for coffee every day or night to discuss small town gossip. Here in Romania the local shop is also licensed to sell alcohol, so if that is your fancy you can have a whisky on the rocks or a beer. In the building attached to the shop, people gather to play cards. There is a side patio where you can sit at the tables but the rest prefer to gather on the sidewalk outside of the shop to chat and drink their acquired drink.

I have to admit, I don’t know if this is the “small town girl” in me, but I actually enjoy the nights I accompany my brother to the shop. I mostly stay quiet and sip my beer, but from what I can understand I find the conversations quite amusing. They talk politics, laugh at each other and yes there is still the nasty small town gossip. For the most part they keep it pretty peaceful.

In Romania, life is poor for the people who live in the small towns that surround the cities. Very rare do the big city folk step outside of their comfort zone, and go into the small villages. Some people believe that it is a sign of ignorance that the city people choose to ignore the poverty that takes place in the small villages surrounding. In Ceausescu’s day everyone cared about each other and considered everyone as equals. Now we are blind to the poor and helpless person beside us. The small village people are poor but they get by with what they have and it keeps them busy and happy. Taking the time to stay here in this small village has really shown me that money cannot buy happiness. It is those you choose to surround yourself with that gives you happiness.

PS. Mom got her new washer today! Thanks for the generous donations thus far! While walking with her to fetch bottles of pig food I noticed a wagon would come in handy for her. She uses a two wheeled bicycle with flat tires. It is hard on roads made of chopped pieces of rocks. Perhaps with your generous help we can get her one along with a new mattress, warm clothing and food to last her a while.

Thanks again!


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