Oh Canada

After two days of travelling I made it back to Canada last night. I was received warmly by my mother Pat at the Regina Airport. I have to give a special thank you to the staff at all the airports I travelled through, Budapest, Dublin, Toronto and Regina; for taking special care of me getting me to and from my seat.

A special Thank You to the Aer Lingus staff for taking extra care of me. I was given an entire row, plenty of pillows and a duvet to keep myself comfortable. Every flight attendant introduced themselves and every 5-20minutes someone checked on me to be sure I was ok. Such a warm welcome on the 8 hour trip from Dublin to Toronto.

I also have to say thank you to those friendly people in Dublin, Ireland who asked continuously if they could help me. So many friendly smiles and well wishes from strangers. One lady went out of her way to give me €10 because she felt I needed it. I kindly declined the money but told her the smile was worth more and thanked her. Such a huge difference from Romania. I love our beautiful country Romania but it was really hard for me to stay in the condition I was in. All I asked for was compassion and in Romania it is very limited.

As soon as I made it to Canada I skipped the visit to the hospital due to the 4hr wait time in Regina. The next morning my mom rushed me off to Indian Head Hospital where I was received very well. I received excellent treatment from a young nurse and got to see my family doctor. I was given better pain meds, crutches and told I needed to come in daily for new bandages.

Big difference between Canada and Romania. In Romania I was told that in 3 days the pain would be over but it continues to get worst. I was told by the Canadian doctor that in 10 days the pain would go away. I wasnt given crutches in Romania but I was in Canada. I was given stronger pain meds in Canada and a free smile to go along with it.

I feel bad leaving my brother in Romania and I pray that he is receiving the best care possible. He will be ok, but with time. Please continue to pray for him.

Fund for Florin’s hospital care.


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