Scars That Tell A Story

Just a quick update from my first couple weeks back to Canada. The evening after I arrived, I received wonderful medical treatment at the nearby hospital in Indian Head, SK. I have since been making a speedy recovery. I head to the hospital daily for a good cleaning and dressing change. I am able to walk without assistance and no need of pain medication. The pain level has gone down quite a bit but I am still sore and it itches a lot! The itching is good news. It means it is healing, but it is quite irritating.

As for Florin, there are good days and bad days but he is also making a speedy recovery. He has improved drastically in two weeks. His face has cleared and he is still as handsome as ever! No scars. His legs and hands are still healing, and it has prolonged his stay in the hospital.

Two weeks ago today we both experienced this horrific accident. With a lot of pain at the start, we are making full recoveries.

I feared for scarring on my leg, but in all honesty, scars make for a fantastic story. This scar adds to the amazing journey I have just experienced, and it will live with me for a lifetime. It is not a nasty scar, but a memory. The accident was not a happy memory, but it allowed me to take something home from Romania that I will have for a lifetime.

Some people may think I am crazy saying that I am happy about the scar, but you can deal with it two ways. One, you could be depressed or two, you could look on the bright side. It is an incredible reminder of how strong I am. It is a personal experience I share with my younger brother. Along with my vaccination scar it keeps me attached to my birth country.

As we approach the holidays it has become real that I will not be with my birth mother for Christmas like I had planned. It is heartbreaking to think that she will be spending it alone. Please pray for a miracle for her, and keep her in your Merry Christmas wishes.

Thanks for the continuous support!

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