Four Months Later

Well it has been four months since I have arrived back in Regina, SK. This whole event has been pretty surreal. Since then, another one of my siblings I have not met contacted me over Facebook. My sister Elena. She is living in Romania with three children and her husband. I enjoy being surrounded by so many new relatives. It is difficult being so far away and not being able to speak to them everyday. My Romanian language is still progressing and I am working on becoming fluent.

Florin is doing great. Since I spoke to him last he told me he is about 80% healed. My leg is still red but it is a lot better than when the accident first happened. I do experience random pains from time to time and so does Florin. He is currently in London England working to provide a better life for himself.

Primivara (Spring) has begun which means mom is out planting her garden, and the goats are out roaming in the grass. I am told Romania in the summer time is one of the most beautiful places in the world. One day I will spend a summer there.

Ever since my experience my eyes have been opened to all the possibilities this world has to offer. There are no limits even when we try to limit ourselves.

I am currently enrolled in Beauty School for Make Up Artistry and will be graduating in August with my diploma. With this diploma I am able to contract myself out and work for companies like MAC Make Up and Sephora, or perhaps one day Cirque Du Soleil. The nice thing about the companies I mentioned is that they are all located all over the world, including places like Dublin, Ireland and Timisoara, Romania. We will see what the future holds.

People who know me will agree, I like to live vivaciously! I live life like it’s the last day on earth and change my mind very often. I do what I want and when I want it because it makes me happy. I do this while respecting the people around me. I enjoy adventures and creating the most random ones I can think of. As my mom Pat says, “You’re full of surprises.” Not that she meant it in a good way, ha! I say back, “life is a battle to be enjoyed”. It is a journey and one hell of an adventure to tell the grand-kids.

Looks like I will be in Regina, SK for the next while until my next adventure comes about.

Stay tuned!

One thought on “Four Months Later”

  1. Hi Andreea. I’m not sure where to start here since I’m still reeling from the shock of stumbling across your blog. Bear with me as I try to put this into words. My name is Elisabeta and I was also born in Romania, adopted at a young age, and reconnected and met my biological family through Facebook! I can hardly believe my luck in finding someone else who’s story is similar to mine! I’ve spent this past hour reading through your blog and connecting emotionally to your stories of finding your biological family and expanding your family. Thank you, so much, for sharing your story! I’m sorry for the difficult start of life you’ve had, and more sorry that your mother was told you were dead. How horrid. My mother wasn’t told anything, in fact, when she came for me at the orphanage, I had already come to the United States as an adoptee. It wasn’t until one of my cousins found me on Facebook that she even knew I was still alive. And what a journey its been so far! I’d like to hear more of your story and your continuing endeavor to relearn the Romanian language and culture, etc. I find that its extremely difficult and at times confusing to move from the Romanian culture to say, the American one. Anyways, I’d love to talk to you through email or something. If you’d like, you’re welcome to call at (801)824-2106. If I don’t respond its because I’m at work so please leave a voicemail. Thanks again for putting your story out!


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