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Four Months Later

Well it has been four months since I have arrived back in Regina, SK. This whole event has been pretty surreal. Since then, another one of my siblings I have not met contacted me over Facebook. My sister Elena. She is living in Romania with three children and her husband. I enjoy being surrounded by so many new relatives. It is difficult being so far away and not being able to speak to them everyday. My Romanian language is still progressing and I am working on becoming fluent.

Florin is doing great. Since I spoke to him last he told me he is about 80% healed. My leg is still red but it is a lot better than when the accident first happened. I do experience random pains from time to time and so does Florin. He is currently in London England working to provide a better life for himself.

Primivara (Spring) has begun which means mom is out planting her garden, and the goats are out roaming in the grass. I am told Romania in the summer time is one of the most beautiful places in the world. One day I will spend a summer there.

Ever since my experience my eyes have been opened to all the possibilities this world has to offer. There are no limits even when we try to limit ourselves.

I am currently enrolled in Beauty School for Make Up Artistry and will be graduating in August with my diploma. With this diploma I am able to contract myself out and work for companies like MAC Make Up and Sephora, or perhaps one day Cirque Du Soleil. The nice thing about the companies I mentioned is that they are all located all over the world, including places like Dublin, Ireland and Timisoara, Romania. We will see what the future holds.

People who know me will agree, I like to live vivaciously! I live life like it’s the last day on earth and change my mind very often. I do what I want and when I want it because it makes me happy. I do this while respecting the people around me. I enjoy adventures and creating the most random ones I can think of. As my mom Pat says, “You’re full of surprises.” Not that she meant it in a good way, ha! I say back, “life is a battle to be enjoyed”. It is a journey and one hell of an adventure to tell the grand-kids.

Looks like I will be in Regina, SK for the next while until my next adventure comes about.

Stay tuned!

Thank You

Thank you for the continued support all through my journey. Since my journey had to come to an end early, I have had to start setting up a life back in Canada. It is so nice to move on with my extended family. So happy to be able to share this journey with so many other people. I appreciate the help from generous donors. My mom is able to stay warm this winter, and my brother has been well taken care of while in the hospital. I have since shut down the funding accounts because we have had more than plenty of money to help. Thank you so much.

I am not sure what the future holds, but I am currently working on a book. So stay tuned!

Scars That Tell A Story

Just a quick update from my first couple weeks back to Canada. The evening after I arrived, I received wonderful medical treatment at the nearby hospital in Indian Head, SK. I have since been making a speedy recovery. I head to the hospital daily for a good cleaning and dressing change. I am able to walk without assistance and no need of pain medication. The pain level has gone down quite a bit but I am still sore and it itches a lot! The itching is good news. It means it is healing, but it is quite irritating.

As for Florin, there are good days and bad days but he is also making a speedy recovery. He has improved drastically in two weeks. His face has cleared and he is still as handsome as ever! No scars. His legs and hands are still healing, and it has prolonged his stay in the hospital.

Two weeks ago today we both experienced this horrific accident. With a lot of pain at the start, we are making full recoveries.

I feared for scarring on my leg, but in all honesty, scars make for a fantastic story. This scar adds to the amazing journey I have just experienced, and it will live with me for a lifetime. It is not a nasty scar, but a memory. The accident was not a happy memory, but it allowed me to take something home from Romania that I will have for a lifetime.

Some people may think I am crazy saying that I am happy about the scar, but you can deal with it two ways. One, you could be depressed or two, you could look on the bright side. It is an incredible reminder of how strong I am. It is a personal experience I share with my younger brother. Along with my vaccination scar it keeps me attached to my birth country.

As we approach the holidays it has become real that I will not be with my birth mother for Christmas like I had planned. It is heartbreaking to think that she will be spending it alone. Please pray for a miracle for her, and keep her in your Merry Christmas wishes.

Thanks for the continuous support!

Oh Canada

After two days of travelling I made it back to Canada last night. I was received warmly by my mother Pat at the Regina Airport. I have to give a special thank you to the staff at all the airports I travelled through, Budapest, Dublin, Toronto and Regina; for taking special care of me getting me to and from my seat.

A special Thank You to the Aer Lingus staff for taking extra care of me. I was given an entire row, plenty of pillows and a duvet to keep myself comfortable. Every flight attendant introduced themselves and every 5-20minutes someone checked on me to be sure I was ok. Such a warm welcome on the 8 hour trip from Dublin to Toronto.

I also have to say thank you to those friendly people in Dublin, Ireland who asked continuously if they could help me. So many friendly smiles and well wishes from strangers. One lady went out of her way to give me €10 because she felt I needed it. I kindly declined the money but told her the smile was worth more and thanked her. Such a huge difference from Romania. I love our beautiful country Romania but it was really hard for me to stay in the condition I was in. All I asked for was compassion and in Romania it is very limited.

As soon as I made it to Canada I skipped the visit to the hospital due to the 4hr wait time in Regina. The next morning my mom rushed me off to Indian Head Hospital where I was received very well. I received excellent treatment from a young nurse and got to see my family doctor. I was given better pain meds, crutches and told I needed to come in daily for new bandages.

Big difference between Canada and Romania. In Romania I was told that in 3 days the pain would be over but it continues to get worst. I was told by the Canadian doctor that in 10 days the pain would go away. I wasnt given crutches in Romania but I was in Canada. I was given stronger pain meds in Canada and a free smile to go along with it.

I feel bad leaving my brother in Romania and I pray that he is receiving the best care possible. He will be ok, but with time. Please continue to pray for him.

Fund for Florin’s hospital care.

Unforeseen Circumstances Have Ended My Trip

Due to unforeseen circumstances I have had to cut my adventure short here in Romania. On December 3 2014 my brother and I were in a very bad accident. We were building the fire to heat my sister’s house where I was staying alone, when the diesel he was using exploded, hurting us both. My brother is very badly injured, but he is still alive and will be ok with time. Out of respect for him I do not wish to share more. I have been left with 2nd degree burns around the calf of my leg, and minor burns on my other leg, and my hands. My hair had been singed, and my eyebrows and eyelashes on one eye were burnt almost off. The burn near my eye healed within a day so I am very lucky.

I leave for Dublin, this Sunday, December 7, 2014 and leave for Canada on Monday, December 8, 2014, where I am hoping to receive more medical attention. It has not been easy for me because I do not speak Romanian and I do not agree with the game of paying doctors under the table to receive better medical treatment. I have travel health insurance but it does not cover paying doctors to show empathy. It is a very different mentality and with the support of my family from Romania and Canada and a few close friends in Romania and Canada I have been able to remain strong. I would also rather not risk getting an infection because it is a very large wound. My mother has been giving me excellent care at home despite the excruciating pain. We are both very sad that this is sending me back to Canada.

I apologize for the alarming news. It is upsetting.

Thank you for your continuous support. I ask for those religious or spiritual folks out there, please pray for my brother’s speedy recovery. We are very lucky to be alive.


2nd degree burns on my one leg.


The past few days have been a whirlwind of emotions. I had the honour of being interviewed by the Toronto Star which can be viewed by the link at the bottom of this post.

The interview was received by mix emotions by many of people around Canada and the world. I had an overwhelming amount of kind messages from supporters which allows one to dismiss the horrible comments made about my adoptive family and myself.

I was also invited to do a radio interview with John Moore at News Talk 1010 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. This link is also available at the bottom of this post. I hope I was able to answer some concerns that were mentioned by strangers in the comments from the Toronto Star article.

I am very lucky to have been given two very supportive families and I have not abandoned either of them. The word abandonment was a word that haunted me for many years of my life. I feared being forgotten and abandoned. To say the words that I am abandoning anyone is ridiculous. Out of anyone, I know the fear, and I could never do that to another person or animal. I understand you can’t please everyone.

With media you have to be prepared to have negative outcomes. For someone who has been interested in film, TV, and theatre production I completely understand this. This is why it does not bother me like it has others. If you put any opinion or story of yours out there to a mass public you are not going to please everyone. You cannot focus on those people. You certainly cannot read the comments, regardless, good or bad.

In life we are given many obstacles to overcome. There are people sent into our lives to try and throw us off our life plan. Some of us have struggles going around the obstacles and not letting them affect us. Then there are others who just breeze right passed them. I have been given many obstacles, like so many others. I have struggled with a few of them, but I have done pretty well overcoming most.

This journey has taught me a lot about how to defeat these obstacles. I’ve learned not to take the little things in life for granted, and the only opinion that matters to yourself is your own. Another thing is, family will be there for you through thick and thin. Life is truly a battle to be enjoyed.

Toronto Star Interview

Interview with John Moore News Talk 1010 – 25:45 into the radio show.

Saint Andrew’s Day in Romania

Today, November 30, is Saint Andrews Day in Romania, Ukraine, Russia and other major Orthodox regions. It is an Eastern Orthodox tradition based on Andrew the Apostle from the early 1st century AD. He was first a disciple of John the Baptist. Soon thereafter, Andrew recognized Jesus Christ as the Messiah. Andrew along with his brother Peter, both became disciples of Jesus Christ.

Saint Andrew

Saint Andrew traveled along the black sea located in present day Romania, and the river Dnieper located near Kiev Ukraine. He travelled as far up to Novgorod which is located in present day Communist Russia. He was the first to bring the Church of Byzantium to these regions which is the modern day Eastern Orthodox Religion.

Similar to Jesus Christ, Saint Andrew was bound to a wooden cross, not nailed, and left to die in the City of Patras. He was accused of being martyr in Peloponnese, in present day Greece.

On this day we celebrate those who have been given the names, Andreea, Andrea, Andrei, Andrew, Andre, Andy, Andie, Andrejs, Andrzej, Andreas, Andrey, and Drew. Whether it is a first name or middle name you will be celebrated. The tradition is similar to a birthday celebration. The local priest will say a blessing for Saint Andrew and the specific people named after him. We wish these specific people Happy Birthday or in Romanian “La Multi Ani”. Most often there is a large feast on the day of a Saint, to celebrate the Saint and children named after them.  It is a highly celebrated holiday and I feel blessed to celebrate it here in Romania for the first time in my life.

This morning I attended a Romanian Orthodox Church service. Out of respect I cannot show the videos and photos from today’s service because it is a privacy restriction.

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