Another Wonderful Day!

I started off my day by drinking my morning Tuica to help build my immune system. Not going to lie, the alcohol is so strong it makes me woozy for the first little bit of the day, but then it wears off within 3hours. No, it does not create a drinking problem, it does help with my stomach. Being a bit drunk just so happens to be a side effect! It works like a charm!

Then we move onto eating a fantastic breakfast. Sometimes cabbage rolls or sometimes a potato, carrot and chicken stew. Today on the menu was potato, carrot and chicken stew and in the other bowl, some sour cabbage. Pofta buna! Meaning bon appetite

Then my mom and I skyped with my friend Gheorghe back in Regina, SK. I was so happy to see my good friend Gheorghe over Skype. He got to see my mom and speak to her which was very special for me. Gheorghe was from the same Hospital as me, and we were side by side in the cribs. We were lucky enough to be adopted to the same place in Canada, and we have remained in contact. I am so happy to share this moment with him.

After speaking with my good buddy, my mom and I sat down and she showed me my birth certificate. We discussed how we might be able to get my citizenship back, and how unfortunate it was for her to lose me. I was fortunate to have a great life in Canada, but she was still out there hurting without me. She asked the difficult questions as to how the Romanian Government allowed me to be adopted. We put my real birth certificate next to the one Romania gave my adoptive parents, and we noticed the major differences. For instance the real birth certificate has a serial number and the other one doesn’t. It scares me to know that I was illegally given away. My mom did not sign papers, nor did they have my original birth certificate to give me away. It bothers me that my poor parents in Canada have been tangled in this mess. I love them so much and I am thankful for everything they have given me. My mom in Romania said she will help prove that I am her daughter so I get my citizenship reinstated. This will allow me to stay in Europe.

Tomorrow is my 25th birthday. In the past, my birthday has been a very painful time for me. It was a painful reminder that “I had been abandoned by my birth parents”. I put this in quotations because it is no longer true, I was stolen from my mom by the Romanian Government. This year will be the best birthday because I got my only life wish. My wish was to meet my birth family. My mom has made me a chocolate cake with candles in the shape of the number 25! We are going to have a BBQ, with drinks and music! Florin’s friends are coming over and we are going to party like true Romanians! Hard!

I am so happy to be here in Romania regardless of the surroundings. To me it is home.

La multi ani to me! (Happy birthday in Romanian).

Photos of mom and I.



Day to Day Life in Romania!

First few days in Romania with my mom have been like living a dream. No I do not mean a luxurious life, I mean it has been amazing being in her arms again. This is something that money cannot buy.

There have been little tears of sadness because we choose to leave those bad memories in the past. I am here now and that is what matters. So far the days consist of waking up in the morning and taking the goats to the field so they can roam and eat. Then i follow her as she feeds the pigs and we try to communicate in Romanian. If we don’t understand each other out come the cellphones and we write each other over Facebook messenger so I can translate it. Yes, we use Facebook for everything! After we do the morning chores it is time to eat and play on Facebook for the day. Just before sun down we go fetch the goats and feed the pigs again. Then it is back to Facebook!

I enjoy being with her because she is teaching me so many things. How to speak perfect Romanian, and how to live with little resources. It really makes me appreciate the things I was given back in Canada. I also really enjoy the amount of laughs we have exchanged! I keep her smiling and laughing because I know it is something she needs. Too many years of pain and sadness, that it is really good to hear her beautiful and cheery laugh.

I apologize for the limited amount of photos. I respect my mother’s request not to show the poor aspects of her life. I do not care what surrounds us, I am just happy to be in my mom’s arms. She has asked me not to show the things that do surround us because she is afraid of being judged. It is poor here so you can imagine. I love her and i do not want to disrespect her.

I chose to share this photo because it makes me smile and it shows how adorable my mother is. This photo is from today. We were out fetching the goats to bring them back into the shed. Her nose was in her phone looking at Facebook as we walked the goats back to the house. She would take two steps, then stop and stare at her phone. She loves her Facebook! I am pretty thankful for Facebook too!

Some photos of Hunedoara-Timisana



Fun trip to Arad city! 15minutes away.





Mom’s really tastey food!



Soyka! Helps with any stomach problems. No lie it cured my flu and cold within a day!! I was shocked! Super strong alcohol!


Mom’s homemade plum brandy. Strong and good!


Momma I’m Comin’ Home!

My journey home to mom began on November 11 2014. I left Dublin Airport and flew to Budapest, Hungary where I was met by a driver from Romania. Along with three other Romanians we piled into an average sized BMW and headed off to Arad Romania. We were stopped at the Romanian border for about 15minutes because of my Canadian Passport. Luckily, with no issues they stamped my passport and we went on our merry way!

I arrived in Arad, Romania around 4:45am local time, where I was met by my younger brother Florin. I was greeted with a giant hug that took me off my feet! After our warm embrace I piled in his friend’s BMW and drove 15minutes to my mom’s small village.

It was about 5:00am when I walked through the doors of my momma’s house. Petronela asleep in the corner and my mom asleep on the couch. I woke her to say hello, and she said she felt like she was dreaming! We were both quite tired, so i ate some cabbage rolls and we went to sleep.

When I woke in the morning, my mom had gone out to get food for the pigs and water for the household. Petronela was awake so we got to finally hug! It was so nice to see her. She was never around when I skyped mom. She is so happy to have her baby sister, and continues to tell me in her soft spoken voice that she loves me, followed by a 30second hug!

I have been warmly accepted here in Romania. Today I met my mom’s neighbour and friend. He cried and wished me good luck, and good health (naroc and sinatatae). My mom and I finally got to shed some tears after a bit of rest. She is so happy that her baby has come home to her.

After we fed the pigs, and walked the goats we got on with our day by Skyping with my sister Nikole, and spoke to my sister Miha on facebook. Unfortunately due to the excitement I have come down with a touch of the flu. Not to worry I am in good hands! My mom gave me some plum brandy, some lemon and cabbage rolls to nurse me back to health!

Tomorrow I hope to go into Arad and get a phone card from Orange Company and tour the city.


Cabbage rolls and plum brandy!



Bags Are Packed For Romania!

I have waited for this day for 25 years of my young life. I was taken from my mother the day I was born, on November 16 1989. She was told I was dead and they had placed my body in the incinerator to be cremated. I escaped the flames only to return one day and share her story and inspire millions around the world.

Thank you to everyone who made this journey possible. Both on earth and up above. I feel so honoured to share my story with everyone and continue to brighten people’s day. Many times I have had the opportunity to explain to strangers passing by my reason for being here in Ireland. I have brought many grown adults both men and women to tears with my inspirational story.

I feel so honoured to of been chosen to live this life. The strength I have is from both my mother in Romania and my parents in Canada who raised me right. God gives us purposes to live and I have definitely found mine. Thank you, and I cannot wait to share more!

Popochichio and I are ready to go!


24th Anniversary!

Today marks the 24th anniversary of my arrival to Canada. I was joined by my best friend Gheorghe Davidson. I call it my born again day, because I got a fresh new start. I was also given the middle name Dawn for the dawning of a new beginning. First on the stop was Frankfurt Germany then to Toronto Ontario where I met my dads parents, his sister and my cousins. We were also met by my mom’s sister and her husband at the time. After Toronto it was time for home. I arrived six days before my first birthday at 13lbs, and very fragile.

Based off of the photos I have and the video my grandfather (god rest his soul) took, it was one of the happiest moments in my families’ lives. The tears and the happiness that flowed through Regina International Airport that day was overwhelming. I was home.

Tomorrow I begin my journey back to Romania to meet my birth mother. I am officially in her arms on Wednesday due to late flight times. My journey so far has been so overwhelming in a good way. My sisters’ are so amazing each in their own ways. I admire their strong bond and I am so lucky to be their baby sister.

I skyped with my birth mom and brother yesterday and my mom was already in tears due to excitement. I too get emotional thinking about being in those warm and embracing arms once again.

2014 is truly a memorable year for me. You can not buy this happiness anywhere. I am so blessed.

Countdown to Romania Is On!

Only 3 more sleeps until I leave for Romania. The emotions are overwhelming. Every now and then I break out in tears because of the excitement. I arrive in Arad, Romania very early in the morning and then off to Hunedoara-Timisana to see my mother. I arrive in the small village around 4:00AM local Romanian time. Due to excitement, I can guarantee we will both have limited sleep. We hope to record the happy reunion, but I must pre-warn readers that there will be loud and hysterical cries. I can only imagine the moment we meet. My stomach gets butterflies and I well up inside imagining the moment we meet. My legs are weak and I feel like I will fall to my knees in tears of happiness. My heart may stop because of the years of pain being release from my body.

For so many years I missed my birth mother. Many years I tried to hide the feelings from my adoptive family because I did not want to offend them. No one can understand the pain unless you are adopted like myself. Many years we suffer in silence. I am very fortunate to have a supportive mother, father and sister in Canada. They have provided me with a life of luxury, lots of love and support. For many years I took for granted what they gave me, but this life changing event has opened my eyes and made me very thankful for what I have been given.

I understand my purpose and calling in life. My birth mother fought so hard to keep her and her children alive. Many times she was in the hospital because our father beating her.

It was July 1989, in a small village outside of Iasi in the north eastern part of Romania. My mother was about 5 months pregnant with me at the time. It was approximately 12:00AM when my father charged into the room where my siblings and mother were sleeping and woke all of them up. He yelled in his angry drunken voice “GET OUT! And take your demon children with you!” He threw all of their clothes in the fire and booted them out the door. They were left with the T-shirts and pants they were wearing at the time and no shoes. Our father threw my mother around outside, kicked her and beat her, while pregnant with me… This would be the last time they saw our father. That night they slept in the corn field, and in the morning my mother took them to the bus stop. From there they boarded a bus to “anywhere” which ended up being Timisoara, Romania. My father’s sister claimed to of helped my mother after she fled the north east, but still treated her very poorly.

My mother went to Jamu Mare where she worked on a group farm. Then I was born later that year in the house with my siblings surrounding her. My mother worked very hard to keep her children safe and healthy. Many times they fended on the streets with little to no food. My mother struggled for many years and still continues to fight and work hard to survive.

I say to my sisters I understand my calling now. I was meant to be given an amazing life and education in Canada so I can return one day and tell her amazing story. Our mother suffered so we could be born. She is a Saint and her time is now.

First Taste of Romanian Culture!

Despite the pouring rain, last evening I attended an event with my three sisters’ and their families’. It was located at the Green Isles Conference Leisure & Spa Hotel in Dublin, Ireland. It featured musicians from the Moldovan area and one gentleman from Arad where my mother lives. It was so exciting to see the different traditional outfits.

Banat Outfit

Arad Region Traditional Gown (Missing the golden thread vale).

We all laughed, drank, danced and enjoyed the traditional Romanian music. I felt so happy the entire time because this was the firs time I have been submerged into my own culture. I must say our country makes the most beautiful women, but poor selection in men! Haha, No offence Men of Romania! You are all my brothers.

We were very fortunate to of heard a man from Arad, Romania sing. His name is Calin Crisan and his grandmother is from the same village as my mother in Hunedoara-Timisana, Romania. My sister Miha and her husband know him, and he is the reason why we attended the event. Before Calin’s performance there was a very beautiful female singer and a gentleman who could play the hell out of a violin! His show was spectacular! He was doing all sorts of tricks with his violin such as playing behind his back, holding the bow with his feet, and getting bystanders to hold the bow as he played. It was quite the show! I find it interesting as I look back in my life and I understand where I get my flavor of music from. I love the violin and played since the age of 13. I also went through a period of my life where I only listened to Arabic music. There are strong similarities in Arabic and Romanian music. Lots of violin and vocal trills! Funny how things comes together.

I feel I fit right in with the Romanian people. The dancing is so free and fun! Some people were trying to speak to me in Romanian, but I quickly explained that I am Romanian but I only speak English, which still through them for a loop. I cannot wait until I come back from Romania and I will be close to fluent in the language. It is developing daily but I have a long way to go!

Today I am heading over to my oldest sister Miha’s house for my favourite food, cabbage rolls, and to celebrate her oldest son’s 10th Birthday. My nephew Paul’s Birthday was yesterday.

I think cabbage rolls will make all of our tummies feel better after last night!


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